The Prospector Magazine Feature

While I was offshore in Mozambique I participated within a feature for The Prospector Magazine. This feature focused on how and what it takes to develop a career within the energy industry. It is such a crucial time for recruitment especially within the oil and gas industry right now, as we all know the industry is not in the best state. This could and should be a prime time for companies to look forward and investigate into the best future work force to assemble ready for when the industry picks back up again. Employing the right staff is the key success and it is also important to educate entry level candidates on how to get their foot in the door and the right path to take to make their career aspirations possible.

Here is a link to the feature within the magazine, hope you enjoy the article!

Offshore Energy - Not Just for boys campaign

I am so proud to have been asked to help support the UK Government 'Not Just For Boys Campaign'. This campaign is all about choice, inspiring women and dispelling the myth that some industries are for men-only. I was asked to feature in an article to show my support and offer an insight and view of what it is like exactly to be a female working offshore. The main reason I created this blog was to raise awareness of a women's place within the industry so it is fantastic to know that this is working.

Only 3.7% of the oil and gas workforce are women and recent evidence suggests this number is declining. I have been answering questions with regards to how I got into the industry, any restrictions I have encountered because i'm a female and my advice to women thinking about working offshore. This is a great campaign that needs support not only from members of the oil and gas community but other male dominated industries.

The article has received some great response and i have been sent some fantastic emails and messages expressing their support. It is brilliant to hear that the article is being received well and that people are out there supporting women offshore.

Here is a link to the first published article hope you enjoy!

TV debut - Benthic feature Discovery Channel

 I joined one of the global leaders in offshore marine geotechnical investigation, survey, analysis and design - Benthic. In June 2014 and I was fortunate enough to visit Singapore and participate in the filming of the recently aired TV segment 'Tools and Technology Solutions Impacting Industry Success' program on the Discovery Channel. As you can see from the interview my job really isn't very glamorous but I love it. Fluorescent orange coveralls, hard hats and goggles are not the most flattering and fashionable attire, but when your job demands you to get covered in mud and tool grease they are perfect.

The segment gives viewers a short overview of Benthic and the Oil & Gas offshore market for subsea drilling in ultra-deep waters. The benefits of PROD in regards to safety, the environment, productivity, quality and how its technology differentiates Benthic’s capabilities from its competitors are highlighted throughout segment. The film captures Benthic’s focus on technical innovation and providing its clients with viable solutions in deeper and harsher environments than ever before. It is a great and insightful view into the industry, below is a link to the program feature on Youtube.

Youtube link - Benthic & PROD Featured on Viewpoint Industry TV