The next chapter

Half a year ago I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to start a new and exciting chapter of my career. Even though my previous employer offered me a way into the oil and gas industry I was not completely happy, and after all life is to short to not be doing something that you are fully passionate and content with. So after three emails, two Skype interviews and one phone call I had signed a contract to work for a company based on the other side of the world. I am not a spontaneous person at all so this was completely out of my comfort zone, but not for a second since I made this impulsive decision have I looked back and thought it was a mistake.

I had never been to Asia before so I was excited beyond belief when work asked me to fly out to spend some time in our Singapore office. This was an introductory trip to finally meet some of my colleagues in the flesh and to really learn what the company was all about. When I arrived in Singapore it was late evening and the city was lit up like a christmas tree. Although I was incredibly jet lagged I was so excited to be here. Fortunately enough I was staying amidst the historic Singapore river right in the heart of the city. Being the planner that I am I had compiled a hefty list of sites I wanted to see and things I wanted to during my time in Singapore. Top of my list was Marina Bay Sands.

Although Singapore is a tiny country, I was quick to learn just how diverse it is. It was very westernised in some aspects, but it still retained an amazing level of culture that was completely different to anything I had previously experienced. Everyone was extremely friendly and I felt very safe when I was out and about exploring on my own. One of my favourite mornings during my trip was spent at the Sri Mariamman and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Both temples were simply beautiful, so vivid in colour and full of culture. It was such a great experience to observe first hand something that was so different to my 'normal' day to day activities.

Fortunately enough for me, this trip to Singapore was not to work-intensive. I am so grateful that my line of work offers me these sort of opportunities. I am the only female engineer working for my company and during my time in Singapore they asked me to refer any other female's I knew working within my field. Unfortunately I had no one to refer. Diversity within the work place is so important and a great selling point when it comes to companies tendering for work. The newest chapter in my career was officially in full swing and I was loving it!