We have a touch down!

So after three days of travelling, 6 flights I have finally finally touched down in Pemba to join my new home for the next 6 weeks - MV Jaya Vigilant.

My journey started on Monday afternoon to Johannesburg, where I arrived wearing my jumper and jacket after leaving the chilly UK to then be hit by a wave of 32 degree heat. One aspect of my job that I always love is the day or two of rest at a nice hotel after traveling before boarding the vessel. My stay in Johannesberg did not go as smoothly as other lay overs. After spending most of the afternoon reading by the side of the pool there was a power cut at the hotel for the remainder of my stay. It was certainly a challenge at 1am to pack up all my things to head on to my charter flight to Pemba.


10 hours and three further flights, 2 visa applications, 3 custom checks and 1 baggage search I finally reached the vessel. It was a horrendously long day and after 4 hours of sleep I was up and straight onto shift. This swing I will working 6pm - 6am which is perfect as I avoid having to work in the afternoon heat, work is tiresome and hard enough without the added humidity. The first week offshore is always the hardest and takes the most adjusting. It is a complete shock to the system to go from having 4 leisurely months off work to 12 hour shifts with no days off for 6 weeks. It takes a few days to get your bearings on a new vessel and to settle in with new crew members.

Benthic have been contracted by Anadarko a premier oil and gas E&P company to perform this projects geotechnical site investigation. I am very grateful to be part of this project, due to the current state of the oil and gas industry with its lack of work and budget availability. It is a worrying time for many involved in the industry.

As soon as I arrived on the vessel I felt very welcome by all of the crew members. We even get our laundry done for us which is always a luxurious bonus when working away. The weather is warm, the ocean is currently calm, the crew are fantastic and we are sure to be collecting some very exciting samples. The seabed topography of this site as previously mentioned is extremely interesting it is far from flat. Benthic was contracted to conducted a site investigation at a site near by for Anadarko back in 2014, and the sampling results identified some very exciting geology.

I am sure that this is going to be an enjoyable month offshore and a highly intriguing project. A great way to escape the not so glorious weather in the UK for sure!!