Not Just For Boys Campaign and turning the big 23 offshore!

I am so proud to have been asked to help support the UK Government 'Not Just For Boys Campaign'. This campaign is all about choice, inspiring women and dispelling the myth that some industries are for men-only. I was asked to feature in an article to show my support and offer an insight and view of what it is like exactly to be a female working offshore. The main reason I created this blog was to raise awareness of a women's place within the industry so it is fantastic to know that this is working.

Only 3.7% of the oil and gas workforce are women and recent evidence suggests this number is declining. I have been answering questions with regards to how I got into the industry, any restrictions I have encountered because i'm a female and my advice to women thinking about working offshore. This is a great campaign that needs support not only from members of the oil and gas community but other male dominated industries.

The article has received some great response and i have been sent some fantastic emails and messages expressing their support. It is brilliant to hear that the article is being received well and that people are out there supporting women offshore.

Here is a link to the first published article hope you enjoy!

I am still currently offshore in Mozambique, not much longer to go now the one week count down to coming home has begun. The past 5 weeks has flown by so fast. Again I am working with a great crew of people, some of which I have never worked with before so it has been awesome getting to know everyone. I love the fact that I work with people of so many different nationalities it is so interesting to hear about other peoples cultures and beliefs. It is crazy to hear that Malaysian muslim men are allowed to marry up to 4 women, surely just having one wife is hard enough work! It is a very worrying time for members of the oil and gas industry at the moment so moral has been down the past couple of weeks. Like many other companies Benthic is feeling the brunt of the currently low oil price. It is hard but you have to stay positive and remember that things are only temporary and that it will pick up and get better again, hopefully sooner than later.

Yesterday I 'celebrated' my 23rd birthday, my first birthday spent offshore and it was not as bad as I anticipated it to be. The guys surprised me with balloons, banners, birthday cake and a barbie doll which is very fitting for me was so sweet of them. I am looking forward to getting home and having belated birthday celebrations though will be a lot of fun. It is crazy how quick another year has gone and how much has changed. A huge thank you to all my friends out here that made my first birthday offshore a memorable one!