Home Sweet Home

I have been home for just over a week now, suffering with the worst jet lag to date. I have had no energy and have been sleeping ridiculous amounts but I am starting to get back into a normal routine and feel less like a vampire. This swing offshore I was on the unlucky 6pm-6am shift, so my vitamin D levels have been lacking the past 6 weeks, and to be honest the weather back at home isn't any help what so ever since i've been back. I am definitely not missing the African humidity but I am for sure not loving how cold it is at the moment. It was quite an experience disembarking the vessel this time around. We hopped on a rib boat and cruised on into shore, fortunately enough not having to traipse across the mudflats as the tides weren't to far out. It was a long journey home but fortunately I had the company of a great friend of mine Mr Russell Bland to keep me occupied. Again it was an amazing trip offshore with some awesome people and I have for sure made some more incredible memories that I will never forgot!

When I arrived home from offshore, mum had set out my presents, balloons, cards and birthday cake for some belated celebrations, very sweet of her. So great to get back and to catch up with everyone and see what new news people have. It is in fact a very exciting time for myself right now. I will be obtaining the keys to my new apartment next week, I am officially a home owner!! I am so excited to move in now, packing is in full swing (expect and overload of moving, new furniture and home accessory photo posts to come).

While I was offshore I participated within a feature for The Prospector Magazine. This feature focused on how and what it takes to develop a career within the energy industry. It is such a crucial time for recruitment especially within the oil and gas industry right now, as we all know the industry is not in the best state. This could and should be a prime time for companies to look forward and investigate into the best future work force to assemble ready for when the industry picks back up again. Employing the right staff is the key success and it is also important to educate entry level candidates on how to get their foot in the door and the right path to take to make their career aspirations possible.

Here is a link to the feature within the magazine, hope you enjoy the article!


I have been informed that the feature has received some fantastic feedback and great reviews from industry bodies and magazine readers. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with The Prospector Magazine and I may have some further exciting news to announce soon with regards to writing and potentially collaborating with with The Prospector team again in the near future. This would be such an honour as I have such a passion for my job and for writing (which I hope you can tell from this blog).

It is so lovely to be home, and so many exciting prospects are in the pipeline right now. Although the offshore industry is taking a bit of a dive right now, my future for the rest of this year is really looking positive!