Bon Voyage Finally!

After a long 4 months off work it is finally time for me to get sorted and head back offshore. The 'itchy feet' expression definitely applies for me during my time at home, so I am beyond excited to board my flight to South Africa this coming Sunday! My offshore bag has remained packed since my previous job in the breathtakingly beautiful Canadian fjord of Clio Bay. The Clio Bay Project was my first offshore stint for Benthic and without a doubt it was the best time I have had offshore to date. Every day I witnessed the sun rising over this extraordinary landscape reconfirming my love for my job, and how fortunate I am to experience different landscapes of the world during each project.

For the next 6 weeks I will be working off the coast of Pemba, Mozambique within the Indian Ocean. The landscape and climate will drastically differ from that of Canada so I will be swapping out my thermals for shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops. This is set to be an interesting and challenging job. The seabed is of extremely rugged terrain with multiple offshore canyons running across it. Several geo-hazards have been identified in the area also, including a large boulder field within the site. Baring all of that in mind, drilling conditions are not going to be straight forward but hopefully some exciting geology will be encountered.

As I have mentioned before the main reason I created this blog initially was to highlight the importance of women in the offshore Oil and Gas industry and to offer an insight into a vocation they may not of considered entering into. Unfortunately my timing was slightly off and a quiet spell hit the industry, but 2015 is set to be a positive and very busy year of work for The Offshore Blondie!