Welcome to my world...

Travelling the world, working only half of the year and being surrounded by men - surely that sounds like the perfect job to any women?

A grand total of just a mere 3.6% of women make up the offshore industry and statistics show that this number is decreasing. There is a complete misconception with regards to a women's place in the oil and gas industry. Every time somebody asks me what I do for a living - 'I work offshore, i'm a Geotechnical Engineer' the surprise on their face is always amusing. It is great to witness how judgmental people can be when it comes to a female working in such a male dominant industry. I know my limits, i'm a petite blonde girl that looks probably better suited to hairdressing or beauty therapy (not that there is anything wrong with that, every girl needs an amazing hairdresser) but I can assure you there is enough employed muscle on board. I hope that this blog highlights the importance and offers women an insight and interest into a vocation they may not of initially thought of entering into.

I love my job, and in the relatively short time I have been working offshore it has opened my eyes to some of the most amazing places and cultures this world has to offer. The beauty of my job is that I am very unlikely to work in the same place twice. Site investigations are continuously being conducted all over the world in all continents. The world is such an incredibly beautiful and diverse place and I am completely in love with the fact that my job allows me to be one of the first people for thousands of years to see and touch a piece of rock that makes up this haven we inhabit. With working offshore you end up spending a lot of time in airports. Fortunately enough I have developed a weird obsession with airports, I think it is due to the fact that whenever I am in one it is always for a positive reason. When i'm at an airport I am either excited to be jetting off to a new exciting place to work or I am waiting to board a plane home to see my amazing family and friends.

Another element of my job that I love is my month off at home. As much as I love my job and the travelling, 'there really is no place like home'!  A month off work is in fact quite a long period of time so I try and spend my time as constructively as possible. I am very much into my fitness and every day I workout weather it be the gym, running or walking my gorgeous little Norfolk Terrier - Dolly. A large proportion of my time at home is also spent cooking and baking. I have such a passion for food and this continues to grow as I continue to travel.  I truly believe that you are what you eat so I make a conscious effort to eat as well as I can, (which is unfortunately easier said than done on some of the vessels I have worked on). I love experimenting and trying out new recipes and luckily enough I have a supportive family that are keen to try new dishes. Recently I have become completely addicted to smoothie and juicing, it is such a great way to get goodness into your body.

With this blog I aim to document the journey that my career takes me on, to share my passion for good food and to record some of the greatest memories of my life both home and away!